Dr Upulie Pathirana

Dr Upulie Pathirana is an Ayurvedic medical doctor and public speaker.

My Story

I graduated as an Ayurveda medical doctor by completing Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical and Surgery degree at the University of Colombo and then started my medical practice as a Community medical officer. Helping many people achieve their health and wellbeing with Ayurveda community education programs, community clinics and other prevention care programs with great success has built my skill up as a practitioner. After I moved to Brisbane for my higher studies in a Master of Health services Management, I could blend both Ayurveda and western medical knowledge into successful clinical practice in a national and international level.

What is Ayurveda Medicine?

Ayurveda medical system is one of the most ancient Vedic medical philosophy validate to date and practising around the world as preventative and curative holistic health system. Ayurveda doctors are well equipped with both Ayurvedic and western medical knowledge as their comprehensive five years medical studies and one-year hospital-based internship designed for global healthcare needs.

Ayurveda pulse reading is one of amazing diagnostic tool use in consultation to reveal the hidden agenda of your body’s Pathophysiology. It will help us to plan your unique herbal supplements, body treatments, dietary regimes and lifestyle recommendations to balance body and mind imbalances in macro and micro levels.

Does it work for you?

Ayurveda is a complete and comprehensive medical system; it has solutions for wide range of diseases in modern world.

  • Gut health and weight management
  • Respiratory health and allergies
  • Female health and hormones
  • Arthritis and other muscular skeletal diseases
  • Immune disorders
  • Infertility, Pregnancy care and child health
  • Heart and circulatory diseases
  • Skin care
  • Nerves system disorders, Sleep, emotional and mental health
  • Chronic disease and pain management
  • Renal and endocrine health