Clare Sillence

I am a social worker/counsellor and ACT therapist and have provided support and counselling to children, young people and adults since 1995. My practice is based on a strong evidence base which supports people to live the life they choose, determining their life direction to find a more rewarding, fulfilling and enriched life.

I am a registered and accredited mental health social worker affiliated with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

I was born in the U.K. And moved to Australia in 1987. I completed a Certificate Diploma in Expressive Therapies in 1995 and went on to complete a Social Work Degree in 2004.

I have worked as a private practitioner, counsellor, community educator and coordinator of several community based services in the areas of domestic and sexual violence, survivors of childhood sexual abuse and childhood trauma. I was the recipient of a Social Action Award from Charles Sturt University and also a NSW State Award for supporting the elimination of violence against women and children.

I have been providing support, advocacy and interventions to children, young people and adults to facilitate finding ways to empowerment and choice. In addition, I have provided training and supervision to other professionals in the areas of children’s trauma, attachment and sexual violence and abuse, and developing strategies for working with clients with a trauma history. One of my key values is to continue to develop and improve on my skills and knowledge and to be able to share these with others. I have attended many trainings and workshops such as Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma focused therapy, Narrative therapy, Expressive therapies, Play therapies, Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

My practice strongly focuses on my training as an ACT therapist. There are many feelings and painful thoughts we try and avoid and struggle with. ACT is an evidence based approach that aims to support us to find enrichment, fulfilment and meaning in our lives whilst dealing with the painful thoughts and feelings we often try hard to avoid. ACT has personally supported me to shift my thoughts and struggles and live a more enriched and meaningful life. I have witnessed many adults, young people and children let go of the struggle with often very complex and extreme trauma responses, to shift to a place of rich and rewarding experiences.